TruVision 7-Day Sample Pack

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Lose Body Fat - Feel More Energized
15 Capsules of truFIX™
15 Capsules of truCONTROL™


Take both capsules, twice per day

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Raspberry Ketones, Selenium, Vanadium, Zinc

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40 reviews for TruVision 7-Day Sample Pack

  1. Spring F.

    Tru has completely changed my life and how I function. I went from struggling daily with chronic pain and migraines and taking narcotics and muscle relaxers daily just to function to rarely needing them. I am pregnant and for the second time I am taking Tru while pregnant and it has been okayed by my OB, it has made a world of difference in how I feel and am able to function as a nurse and as a mother! Thank you Tru!

  2. D. Collins

    I have never found products that did exactly what they say they will do. No Hype No Bull. Love Love Love what truvision has done for me.

  3. Tina Watts

    I am one of those that say yahhh right this is just like everything else no way will this work... I will be the first to say BOY WAS I WRONG... I have been on the TruControl for a month and I have lost down 3 1/2 pant size and lost from a 2xl shirt to a xl shirt and it's not tight fitting! I go into a store and try on the size I USE TO BE and the pants fall off.. I go down another size and they are still to big SO YES this works! I plan on going back to the Gym next month to advance my weight loss and inches.. I feel healthier and I feel i have more energy which is wonderful since I work two jobs and take care of two grandsons! SO anyone that don't believe this will work I promise you this stuff is amazing! It works it's worth to try it I am a believer..

  4. P. Martin

    Truvision health is the best Products Ever! If you need something to help you lose weight , well you in the right place. Been with the company four year and loving it everyday

  5. Amanda Fagerlin

    Truvision health is so amazing! All my life I struggled to lose weight until I found truvision. Once I started my journey with truvision, I realized it was my best decision. I went from size 20 to 16, lost over 40lbs and the inches fell off. I was able to have my first baby when I started again I was blessed with my 2nd daughter. I recommend Truvision to everyone that talks to me about jump starting there weight loss journey.

  6. Vicky Wells

    I ordered TruVisions blue and orange pills to help a friend get started. I didn’t lose weight with it, BUT I didn’t gain weight either. My bp was no longer high, my bloodwork was within normal ranges, and I had energy! I had to stop taking it for a bit because of finances, but I’ll be definitely coming back. They really work!

  7. Heather Ramsey

    I ordered a sample with shaker bottle, they sent me a drink packet sample and refused to exchange it when I confronted them about it. Terrible customer service if you ask me. Try anything other than this service that doesn’t value customers.

  8. Cartiera Hernandez

    Before I received my sample, I was feeling sluggish, tired, and my weight was up and down and I just felt like I was NEVER going to feel like myself again, BUT when I got my sample and starting taking the pills EVERYTHING that was ailing me CHANGED COMPLETELY, I had loads of energy, I was losing weight and most importantly, I HAD THE ENERGY OF A 5 YEAR OLD AGAIN !!! This was the best thing that happened to me as far as my health was concerned !!! So if you are looking to improve your well-being and your outlook on your health, then TRUVISION is the way to go !!!!! IT IS WORTH TRYING OUT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT !!!! TRUST ME !!

  9. Bo

    Would not recommend to anyone!!! Save your money!! This product is just like the millions out there that claim you’ll lose weight have more energy blah blah blah!! Doesn’t work!!!

  10. Lyndsey

    This stuff actually works. It is a major appetite suppressor. I literally did not want to eat anything. I lost 10 lbs in a month. Only thing I suggest when taking this is even if you don’t feel like eating do your best to eat high protein snacks. This will help you from feeling nauseous.

  11. Sue Hampker

    While dining at one of my favorite restaurants I saw 4 of the waitress loosing weight. I ask how the heck they had lost & they told me about TruVision. Needless to say I tried it after trying many other products & found TruVision to work for me without having bad effects of some other products. I later found my sisters boyfriend also uses TruVision. I would highly recommend it.

  12. Maria Elena

    At first I was disappointed because my weight was the same but I notice my clothes feel better so the body fat was going down so I feel great more energy I sleep better I think is a great product I give 5 stars

  13. Mary

    I gave tru a chance and it did not fail me. I lost the weight and got pregnant as we were trying and have not suceeded in the past. I now have 5 healthy kids and maintaining a healthy weight.

  14. Jade

    Great product used for 2months lost 15lbs had more energy to make it through my busy school and work day. My need for sweets slowly went away. Love this

  15. Lisa Navarro

    I have been off and on with the pills. It took me about 1 month to see results the 1st time. The 2nd time, my weight maintained. I stopped for about 6 months but now I am back to stay. I am going on 2 1/2 months of being faithful to using TRU and I am a walking testimony. You cannot see immediate results in a 1 week trial, but I promise you when you stay faithful to taking TRU for at least 2 months you will see inches fall off. I am losing weight a a slow pace but I have to remember, it took me years to put on the weight and its is going to take me some time to take off the weight. I have had Gastro surgey 6 years ago, and lost alot of weight but slowly it was coming back and it scared me. I was desperate to try something that would help. TRU is that something. It helps me with food craving. It helps with energy, but I do need more of that. I have back issues, so I am unable to exercise but I do walk at times. My clothes are feeling lose again and I am a 100% SATISFIED with TRU. Yes it cost money to purchase, but so does that cup of coffee daily or getting your nails and hair done monthly. I am a mother of 5, grandma of 6 and I deserve to take care of myself. TRU is something I do for myself. What I would like to say to the doubtful people, be faithful to TRU and you will not be disappointed. It is a process and it WORKS.

  16. Natalie Middleton

    I took the 7 day sample and ended up losing 4 pounds. I wasn't crazy about the drink packets due to the taste but I loved the capsules. I didn't have any side effects and it really does suppress your appetite which is what I was looking for. I have been happy with the results and look forward to continuing this journey.

  17. Melanie Smith

    Love love love this product. I went from a size 26 to a 20 in less than 3 months taking the combo pack

  18. Stacy Madigan

    Truvision is such a great product but i find myself depressed that i cant afford them since my husband got sick and cant work i hope in time they will make there products more affordable then i can get them as i work as much as i can its still not enough to support family and products

  19. Maria Vega

    I loved the pills! I lost 10 pounds on the 30 day trial.

  20. Javier Ramirez

    Believe. It or Not but this stuff really works .. my wife and I both take it and we’ve lost weight together. The key is it don’t happen over night . We eat what we want and we don’t exercise But imagine If we did how much more we would loose. It took us both around three to four months to start to notice a difference .
    This stuff is the real deal and we are now inspired because of our weight loss to eat more healthy and work out .
    Thank you Truvision

  21. Brittany Buchanan

    I have loved this product every time I have used it keeps me super focused and gave me lots of energy

  22. Jennifer

    Been following this product for years and final decided to try it. Order the product and got it super fast.

  23. Tonda Turner

    I love it but was impatient. I am trying it again. This time with some added patience. Wish me luck!

  24. Laura G

    I have tried so many things to love weight and keep it off, Truvision has been a God send to me, easy to follow, easy to maintain, even if you got off the diet it is easy to maintain the weight loss. I tell everyone!

  25. Norma Zamora

    I have tried everything and every diet but nothing helped me . But I tried Truvision and it helped me so much with my type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol and brought my numbers down. I do work out always but this has helped me lose weight and boost my engery up . First time ever I could actually say I'm sooooooo happy in my life now. Thank u Truvision.

  26. Kelly

    It took me 6 months of reviewing this product and speaking to people before I finally broke down and bought the sample pack. I had every excuses in the book on why not to try it. It's 5o expensive, it won't work, this is a gimmick. When I started, I didn't feel different right away but by day 3, I started to feel the change. I wasn't wanting to snack all day, I had energy, I didn't want to lay in bed all day and then I stepped on the scale....4lbs gone in 7 days!!!! I was so excited so I got the 30 day combo and began my weight loss journey. I'm now down 13lbs and feel amazing. I recommend this to everyone looking for a healthy lifestyle the safe way!! This is something simple and easy to stick with. You will see your eating habits change and will want to stay active. 5 stars all around

  27. Adaline Griffie

    I give this product a thumbs up from all the reviews I have read it's just amazing and health wise I can't believe all the great things about customers saying they no longer take medications that they were taking and illnesses that they have had no longer a health issue it's just awesome to hear. I can't wait till I have an opportunity to try your product it's something that I most definitely need and I know it will give me the results that I've been looking for. I know your wondering why I haven't ordered your product there has been family problems that have had a set back in my finances the passing of my spouse,mother,and brother all back to back and well that's has been costly. If I can be honest your product is well worth the price and some people may not have an issue with but there are others who just can't afford it on a monthly cost to where they will have the results they want to achieve. All in all your the number 1 real deal. Your truly magic ,

  28. Damien

    This product is so amazing , it just blasted all the fat off of me.

  29. Sherry Monroe

    Love TVH it not only helps with lowering my weight but also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and many of my vitamin levels. As someone who has multiple autoimmune issues (Lupus, Sjogren, Hoshimotos, and Diabetes) as well as arthritis and fibro...this has been an amazing product that has given me energy when I had none before and has helped in making much of my blood levels normal.

  30. Joy Wicke

    Before Try I was exhausted a lot of the time. My 1st trial pack and I was hooked. 3 days and my energy level was in high speed. Haven't looked back in almost 2 yrs. Lost some weight too...BONUS!!!

  31. Becky H

    I was very impressed with this product especially in the appetite control area. I personally had to force myself to eat because I truly was not hungry.

  32. Liliana Garcia

    Exelente , te da energía, controla tu apetito, quema grasa te libera de las toxinas de tu cuerpo


    This product is awesome and has done everything they said it would do for me, I recommend this product to everyone that ask me how I lost 35 pounds and lowered my sugar levels.

  34. Hannah

    Got the trial pack tried it and loved it! First day I noticed the difference in my mood and energy level! Lost 4 pounds my first week. I would recommend this product to anybody!

  35. cecelia maner

    Love this stuff. Makes me feel good, gives me energy, and it suppresses my appetite. You will be happy with this product.

  36. Alison

    I feel so much better when im takimg truvision it impacts my mood and my energy! I have thyroid problems that mess with my enwrgy level and this evens me out. I also dont need coffee when i take it.

  37. Traci Edmondson

    I love Truvision. These products that I used gave me more energy, kept me awake, kept me full, kept me from wanting sweets, and helped me lose weight and want to do more. I lost 7 pounds in my first week on the trial pack. These products and everyone I talked to are awesome.

  38. lindsay cowell

    Awesome lost 5 lbs in one week! Have not been able to lose weight!

  39. Sandra

    I love these products I wish I could afford it every month I still do really good when I am on. I energy like I was in my 20's lol the inches coming off like crazy too.

  40. charolette sutton


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