HARMONY Patch (Progesterone)




Optimal Female Balance

Harmonious Balance

Ladies, let us introduce you to the HARMONY patch.

Our wild yam extract patches are designed with proprietary patch technology for optimal female balance.
We have found through our proprietary technology a way to promote a significantly higher bioavailability than your typical patch or oral product.

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Why Harmony?

Due to the stresses of the modern world, our diet, the increased use of chemicals and the widespread use of estrogen in contraceptives, more and more women experience an imbalance.

Some of these imbalances can include weight gain, low energy levels, mental fog, not feeling like yourself and more.

What are the benefits of HARMONY?

HARMONY is designed to support those who may be experiencing a female imbalance or for women who may not feel like themselves.

Wild Yam is currently being used by thousands of women in the western world and has shown to support them in many aspects such as:

- Support for mental energy

- Promotes a calm mind

- Optimal female balance

How do I use the Harmony Patch?

Suggested Use

Apply one patch each day after bathing or showering.

Rotate the placement of the patch between the inside of the right bicep, the inside of the left bicep, the inner right thigh and then the inner left thigh.

Leave on for 24 hours and then remove it before bathing or showering.

Adhesive residue can be easily removed using TruVision’s Orange Essential Oil.

Wearable up to 24 hours.

Cleanse skin between applications.

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