simplyCLEAN is a unique general surface cleaner that utilizes Colloidal Action. Until recently, this type of cleaner has only been available to professionals and has been proven in the commercial cleaning industry for many years. It out-performs retail store products in safety, cleaning power and cost effectiveness. It is highly concentrated and one 8oz bottle of simplyCLEAN concentrate will fill our 16oz spray bottle 8 times! Also, because you’re working with a concentrate, you decide the strength of the solution you’re working with. If you have an extra tough cleaning job, simply use more concentrate and less water in your spray bottle.
Non-Toxic: simplyCLEAN is completely biodegradable and non-toxic making it safe to people, plants, and animals. Say good-bye to harmful vapors and the worry of accidentally leaving your cleaner where it can be reached by small children. It is organically formulated and free of petroleum distillates, solvents, phosphates, and other polluting agents. It is safe to use on any surface not damaged by water. simplyCLEAN passed one of the toughest toxicity tests, known as the Biological Oxygen Demand test, with flying colors.

What is Colloidal Action? When simplyCLEAN is mixed in various concentrations it is effective in cleaning virtually any surface or material. Water activates the colloids, which instantly begin their constant swirling and magnetic-like super penetrating action. The colloid structure breaks, absorbs, and holds particles of dirt, grime, grease, and oils in suspension. These dirt and grime particles are no longer able to stick together or adhere to a surface and can be simply wiped or flushed away.